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Need a reminder of forum basics?
CLICK and hold down the mouse over your little Roman helper (or this text!)

Uppermost grey box

  • Tells you who you are logged in as.
  • A small key logo that logs you out of the forum. (No need to use this)
  • A small logo where you can change your profile. (No need to use this)
  • A box leading to any new entries on Topics you are subscribed to (have participated in.)
  • A box leading to new entries to Topics you are watching but not contributing to.

Second grey box
This is the easiest way to navigate around the forum.

  • Initially it just has a link called 'Forum'
  • Once you delve into the forum discussions it will add extra links for each level.
  • Use these to get back here.

Entering a Forum
Further down the page come the blue Forum boxes.

  • Click on the Forum Title to enter the Forum.

Using a Forum
Having entered the Forum you will see one or more Topics links. Click on a link to enter the Topic discussion. Look around and you will also see that you can

  • Reply to what has been posted
  • Subscribe to a topic
  • Watch a topic
  • Start a new Topic.
  • Remember you can go up to the second box to navigate back.


OK – That should be enough to get you started….. best learn by doing!

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